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Saturday, April 9, 2016

I like herons, but...

I'm not sure I like them on my boat!

Anyone who knows me, knows that herons are one of my things.  Graceful yet slightly awkward.  This is one of my favourite quotes about them:
"The queen was settling on the edge of the bed, ungainly with hesitation and at the same time exquisite in her grace, like a heron landing in a treetop" - Megan Whalen Turner
So it was neat to see a white-faced heron taking his ease on the back bulwark of my boat when I came home the other day.  He let me get pretty close too.  Then I started to think about where the remains of his last meal was sure to end up and I regretfully scared him away.  There are plenty of wharf posts he can rest on.

Here are some of the quilts I've made with herons as my muse.

'With Little Sound'   30cm x 46cm   SOLD

'Memories of Flight'   62.5cm x 120.5cm    $850

*Edited: This quilt is now SOLD.  Thank you for your interest.

'Morning Waters at Opua'    52cm x 89cm    SOLD

'One Grey Heron'    30cm x 46cm    $125

I don't think my quilting love affair with herons is over yet.


  1. Fancy having the bird you love right there! I so wanted to stop yesterday and say hi as I was coming/going on the car ferry.

  2. Such gorgeous quilts! If only I had a bit of extra money hanging around!


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